keirsten on mtOpen your heart to wonder, challenge, worship, contemplation, and teamwork as we hike and backpack Bozeman area mountain trails. The leaders will instruct in creation care and outdoor skills as well as point you to the Creator. You will be stretched according to what God deems your personal need. If you are strong and skilled, at times you may be challenged to use your strength to empower the less gifted. If you are less experienced in outdoor adventures, you may be challenged to go beyond what you think you can accomplish. Regardless of your ability or skill, come to the mountains with a learning posture. You’ll find Christ and yourself in deeper ways.


Testimonials: I was pushed to my limits, but experienced God’s presence the most then. ~ Hiking is a good time to reflect on your everyday actions in light of what you’re learning in discipleship. ~ It’s amazing how God built our community spending this much time together. ~ I was conscious of God’s Spirit with me in the mountains. We had great worship, too. ~ Caverns, Yellowstone, mountains, rivers, wildlife: amazing sights!