Skip the summer job search hassle. We will arrange summer employment for you. Most of our employer partners are hotels where SJP’s work in housekeeping; it’s the work Jesus would do as Servant of all. You’ll work 32-38 hours per week for $12 per hour. This covers the monthly expenses of the program, the return trip, and usually a little extra. God strategically places you next to co-workers that need your prayers, sincere love, and authentic testimony. If you work with Christ as your boss and refrain from complaining, you will shine like a light.



I learned how to really discipline myself and practice excellence in even the seemingly mundane things. ~ Really look to learn, be kind, patient, and a good worker; work as if you’re working for Christ, because you are. ~ I had several opportunities to tell some of my life with Jesus. ~ God has been revealing himself in different aspects of my job. ~ Be prepared to work hard, have Christ’s attitude, and have fun in the beautiful Gallatin Valley. ~ I made it my goal to represent Jesus well by the way I worked and how I treated my co-workers. Our supervisor hated to see us leave. ~ We prayed everyday while we worked, stayed positive, cared about our co-workers, and the atmosphere tangibly changed.