Important Dates:

Arrive: May 12, 2019
Departure Date: August 5, 2019


Due upon acceptance: $300 = Non-refundable program fee. This covers equipment, materials, emergency insurance, and other program expenses. We spend it all on you.
Due upon arrival: $700 = First month’s program costs and some personal expenses
Paid with summer wages: Monthly program costs $425 (includes 4 suppers/week), plus gas, laundry, and personal groceries.

Time Expectations:

One of the goals of Summer Job Project is to give you the real-world experience of working almost full-time, investing in relationships, intentionally growing, enjoying recreation, and sharing the gospel as a lifestyle. You will be busy investing your life in God’s priorities — a rich summer!

  • 32-38 hours/week at work earning $11-$12/hour. Various work schedules.
  • 4 group sessions/week and weekly one-on-ones for discipleship
  • 1-2 days/week mountain adventures and other outings together
  • 4 meals/week together

Transportation Expectations:

We encourage you to bring your car if possible. We also have some bikes and a public bus system for you to get to work. The jobs are about 1-4 miles from home. Generally, people who bring their cars help with transportation to our outings and to work. Gas expenses are shared.