2014 SJP 499War, debt-crippled economy, seductive relativism, all-about-me-relationships — will you be anchored to Christ the Rock when the storms come? Because the storms will come.

This summer, you will experience holistic discipleship on the job, in the mountains, through one-on-one mentoring, and in community life together. Whenever you say “Yes” to Jesus, your anchor goes deeper into the Rock. You will take time daily to read the Bible and purpose to do what it says. Jesus will help you. His grace is strong. We will pray together. We’ll spend three evenings each week and a couple day seminars focused on the discipleship element through study, teaching, and discussion. We’ll interact with the Bible and each other around topics such as:

  • Financial budgeting and accountability
  • Work ethics
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communicating Christ’s message effectively
  • Overcoming sin and temptations
  • And more…

Testimonials:  Avoid debt like the plague! ~ The world preaches escapism, but God walks into us in our hurts and heals us. ~ Mentoring times affirmed me and I could dig deep into my many questions. ~ If I demand my rights, I destroy the very thing I want. ~ God showed me that the more I give to him, the more He blesses me. ~ Wanting a pure heart encourages me to ask people to help point out my blind spots.