i belongNo need to search for an apartment. You will rent a room in the Chi Alpha House with 20-30 other men and women. They, like you, are from various backgrounds and in different stages of becoming more like Christ. You will live together intentionally investing in authentic relationship with each other. You will encourage each other. Conflict will reveal what you need to change and then you can speak gently to the needed changes in the other person. The discipleship element of the SJP will train you to both encourage and confront effectively. These skills will prepare you to be ahead of the game in the work world and make all the difference in your marriage someday.

The Chi Alpha House is an 11,000 square foot former fraternity house 14 steps from the MSU campus. It has 18 residential rooms (men downstairs, women upstairs), 2 large areas for gatherings, a large, fully equipped kitchen, pay-washer/dryer, a theater-style projection room, prayer room, pool table, and sand-pit volley ball court. SJP’s eat evening meals together Monday through Thursday; other meals on your own. All dishes, appliances, pans are provided. You will have small areas in the refrigerator and cupboards for personal food. Residents share household chore responsibilities — about 1.5 hours per week.

Testimonials: Doing my chores at the house, I learned to see the need and meet the need. I learned teamwork and humility. I am not above my task. ~ I found it better to be a servant, pick up after myself, and help others. ~ I learned how silly it is to “vent” to a 3rd party, instead of simply talking with the person who wronged me. ~ I learned to listen, be patient, encourage others, be cheerful and true, and not be afraid to correct someone in love. ~ We all learn from each other simply by the challenges we face together. The people around me help me change without trying to change me. ~ I learned to let my guard down. I’ve been spurred on by others’ examples & encouragement to me.